do what you love,

and you'll never work a day in your life

We started BELNIC to spend more time on what we love.

We love learning about our Client’s businesses and sharing in their journey. We love innovation and embracing new ways to plan and build. We love spending time with our families. We love new technology and the way it can make life easier.  We love sustainable building & products. We love the feeling that comes with solving a problem. We love learning new things. We love seeing a space transformed.

Most of all, we love what we do.


Karl Bell

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For me, building isn’t just about tools, materials and structure. It’s about building relationships… from the dock master and building manager, to our subcontractors and consultants, the client, and other project stakeholders… each connection is unique, and equally as important.


My success as a builder has been built on mutual respect and trust, and clear communication with all those involved in a project. It is imperative when working in a live environment, or within a tight programme. That, and being able to have a couple of laughs with the team along the way.


One thing I am known for is my passion for detail. “Close enough” is not good enough. If I wouldn’t accept it in my house, it’s not going in your project. And trust me, I am very particular!

Nicole Detsimas

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I've had the pleasure of sitting on both sides of the fence - as the builder and as the client project manager – which means I can easily relate to both perspectives of a project and encourage a more holistic view.


I am process-driven and I love learning new things, so my guilty pleasure is getting right into the detail of how a client's business operates, then sitting down and designing a workflow to suit. I have a creative flare and love being able to tie our client’s business strategy and culture into the design and construction process.


There are some amazing design concepts these days that also bring about exciting new building challenges. Being hands-on and problem solving with the team - that ‘we’re all in this together’ approach - is what I love most about construction.

Hayley Bell

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When people ask me what I do, I often say “I transform spaces.” From nothing into something - an empty shell into a tangible asset. It’s what I love most about interior fitout.  In my time, I’ve delivered high-profile projects for bigwig clients; worked through some far-fetched design ideas to create something that functions in real life; and value engineered the heck out of a project or two, to make sure the modest business owner can still have the look and feel they want within their budget. I love making my client’s dreams a reality.

I also love open, honest discussions, because that’s the best way to understand each other and ensure we are all on the same page. You’ll always be ‘in the loop’ if you’re working with me. You will probably also hear a lot of puns, because I like to throw them in whenever I can!